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Wendy Wilken Reviews | Scam Report

Wendy Wilken Reviews

Wendy Wilken claims you can reduce face wrinkles and look up to ten years younger in just 30 days. We ask, are her claims true or is Wendy Wilen’s eBook Facelift without surgery a scam?

To answer these questions we first need to find out, who is Wendy Wilken? My research quickly lead me to many different websites and after a few hours filtering to find the best ones, I soon learnt all about who is the famous author of ‘Facelift Without Surgery’.

Wendy is a facial toning practitioner using non-surgical techniques. The author started her career as a model and has since endeavored to maintain her youthful looks by practicing face yoga exercises.

Over the years she became obsessed with face yoga and developed her own face exercise techniques. It wasn’t long before her friends and family became interested in how she maintained her healthy glow.

It was at this stage she decided to help other learn her techniques so she set out to write her first book ‘Facelift without surgery’.

The book became an instant hit and her downloadable ebook has sold worldwide. But the big question is ‘is it a scam?’

Firstly, Wendy is a real person within her book she is showing readers how to do face yoga using the techniques that works for her.

Also, I found thousands of testimonials mostly praising her methods and a small number of genitive comments, but this would be expected with such a high volume of sales.

My personal recommendation would be to perhaps try Wendy’s book first before taking the leap to expensive and intrusive facelift surgery.

There many Wendy Wilken reviews but this one from really explains more about Wendy the author and a good Facelift without surgery review.